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At Red Gravity Technology and Communications our 1st objective is to find solutions for the problems our clients encounter every day. Be it working to develop a CRM that succeeds where others fail, or implementing a learning portal to support solopenures and small business owners in nurturing their business ideas Red Gravity Technology and Communications is dedicated to helping our clients aim for the stars. Most importantly, we approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions, and commitments with integrity. This is our contract with you before you ever sign a contract with us.

Inbox and SPAM Testing

Preview your email before you send You can test and preview your email in multiple inboxes and rest easy knowing it will look great and get to your recipients.

Email and Text Automation

Don't waste time setting up an email today, then returning a week later to follow-up with those who have not opened your email, set up custom automation to do it for you.

Deliverability Experts

Don't worry about Domain Keys and SPF Records, have our deliverability experts walk you through set-up. No time? We'll do it for you.

Free Webinars

We provide free webinars so you can earn better results from your email and text marketing. If you miss one, don't worry we will set up a private one just for you.

Get to know ExpandingView.Email

IT, Brand Management, and Marketing all in one

Business starts with an idea, no matter how big or small, it needs to be passed on, believed in. From the logo that will shine everywhere your idea travels to the seemingly small details of your website, George Communications strategically designs every inch of your corporate presence.


How it works.

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Web Hosting

That's right web hosting on your budget. Think our standard rates contain services you don't need? Contact our BrightSide Hosting system administrators to create your own package, and create your own rates.

All standard packages include
  • 1 year Comodo  SSL ($10,000 Warranty)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Forwarding
  • Free ExpandingView.Email or MailChimp Account
  • 100+ Subdomains
  • Free Website Security Analysis
  • Free BrightSide Website Templates

A CRM for Community Groups and Activist

The SUMAC Initiative's mission is to help organizers, community leaders and non-profits succeed and further their objectives through technical support and development. We are currently beta testing our own constituent relations management portal planned for full release in the second quarter of 2018. If you would like updates or if you are interested in beta testing our CRM use the contact form below to reach our development team.

Contact US

No ridiculously long phone menus. Your email isn't going to some dark section of our inbox never to be heard from again. At Red Gravity Technology and Communications we pride ourselves in giving the great service we expect for ourselves.
  • Call: 518-659-2065
  • Email: Support@redgravityny.com
  • Visit: 251 New Karner, Albany, NY
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